Contraceptive Clinical Research Study In Dallas

Are you a woman between the ages of 18-45? Here is your opportunity to earn $2,000 just by trying a new form of contraceptive! Dallas Clinical Trials is currently conducting a Contraceptive Clinical Research Study In Dallas in which you can try the newest, cutting-edge contraceptive technology. Interested? Keep reading to learn more about the Contraceptive Clinical Research Study In Dallas!

Who Can Participate?

Women between the ages of 18 and 24 are able to sign up for the Contraceptive Clinical Research Study In Dallas. This professional clinical study, conducted by Dallas Study Clinical Research, is a short-term trial in which you will intake a promising new medication seeking FDA approval. Depending on the study you join, this medication’s use is intended to effectively treat your medical condition.

There are many reasons why people choose to join a clinical trial. Some join a trial because the treatments they have tried for their health problem did not work. Others participate because there is no treatment for their health problem. By being part of a clinical trial, participants may find out about new treatments before they are widely available. Some studies are designed for or include people who are healthy but want to help find ways to prevent disease, such as one that may be common in their family.

Many people say participating in a clinical trial is a way to play a more active role in their own health care. Other people say they want to help researchers learn more about certain health problems. Whatever the motivation, when you choose to participate in a clinical trial, you become a partner in scientific discovery.

Is the Contraceptive Clinical Research Study In Dallas Safe?

Yes! Dallas Study Clinical Research has extensive experience conducting Phase II through IV clinical trials with many leading pharmaceutical companies. The facility is led and operated by qualified investigators. Every member of the team offers a wealth of experience, a caring personality, and a commitment to ably serving the pharmaceutical industry, the community, and its patients. The study is FDA-governed, HIPAA-compliant and ensures the full confidentiality of all participants.

Participant Information: Benefits and Sign-Up

Benefits participants will receive for joining the study include:

  • Complimentary Consultation and Health Exam
  • Complimentary Fibroscans, MRIs, and Lab Reports
  • Complimentary Study-Related Medicines
  • Guaranteed Compensation
  • Meets all industry safety guidelines
  • Governed & monitored by a central ethics committee

To sign up, all you have to do is fill out a short, quick form. Once we receive your submission, a member of our staff will call you to go over the informed consent form, as well as explain the process and answer any questions you may have. You will then be asked to come in for a complimentary medical exam to see if you meet the study’s guidelines. If you do, you will be asked to participate. It is that simple!

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