Smoker? We’re Looking For You: Smokers’ Clinical Study in Dallas

Are you a smoker who lives in Dallas? Dallas Clinical Trials is looking for you! We are confidentially enrolling participants for our Smokers Clinical Study in Dallas, and you can help make medical history while earning extra cash at the same time. Our clinical research studies are safe, trusted, and FDA-governed. Keep reading to learn more about the Smokers’ Clinical Study in Dallas and how to sign up as a participant!

What is The Smokers’ Clinical Study in Dallas?

A clinical trial is a type of clinical research study. A clinical trial is an experiment designed to answer specific questions about possible new treatments or new ways of using existing (known) treatments. Clinical trials are done to determine whether new drugs or treatments are safe and effective. Clinical trials are part of a long, careful process that may take many years to complete. First, doctors study a new treatment in the lab. Then, they often study the treatment in animals. If a new treatment shows promise, doctors then test the treatment in people via a clinical trial.

Participants in the Smokers Clinical Study in Dallas will be placed into groups that will be carefully monitored for treatment and effectiveness while taking study-related medication and earning extra cash.

Prevent Cardiovascular Events in Smokers and High-Risk Patients

Smoking is dangerous and can negatively impact almost all areas of your body. This clinical study is examining cardiovascular events in particular, as well as high-risk patients. All participants will receive a free medical exam, complimentary study-related medicines, and guaranteed compensation of up to $6,000.

There are no special requirements to become a participant other than to meet the study guidelines. No insurance, social security number, or proof of citizenship is required to sign up, receive the medical exam, or become an official participant.

Earn Extra Cash and Advance Medical Science

Are you a smoker who is ready to earn extra cash while advancing medical science? We want to hear from you!

Signing up as a participant is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Fill out an interest form. Our interest form is short and sweet to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to sign up.
  2. Go through our quick and easy screening process. We will contact you to conduct an initial screening call, explain the process, and answer your questions. If we are interested in moving forward in the process, we will then invite you to our clinic for a free medical exam to determine whether you meet our study guidelines.
  3. Start earning cash! You will be asked to participate if you meet the study guidelines. It is that quick and easy!

For more information on Dallas Clinical Trials, this clinical study, or to see a full list of other clinical studies we are currently enrolling, please visit us at!

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